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Why Many Teams Struggle
(4 Ways to Improve Team Efficiency)

By Julie Genjac


So, you’re in charge of a team, but you wonder many things about it. Are the members motivated, stressed out, or bored? Do they understand the mission? Is each team member the right fit? Getting these answers isn’t always easy because team dynamics can be quite complex. 

Our team resources can help. You’ll learn how to plan effective team meetings, determine whether you have the right people in the right roles, and decide if it’s time to add or replace a member. You’ll also learn how to clearly communicate the team’s mission and help ensure that everyone is motivated to achieve them.


Teams Resources:

1 ROLES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: Documented and Measurable

> How to Create Team Roles and Responsibilities

> Finders, Grinders, and Minders: 3 People You Need on Your Team

> Team Roles: The Responsibility Is Yours

2 TEAM COMMUNICATION PLAN: Making the most of internal meetings

> How to Create Team Meeting Structure

> Communicating With Purpose

arrow THE POWER OF ANNUAL PLANNING: Preparation, Execution and Accountability

> How to Create an Annual Team Offsite Agenda

> New Year, New Batteries, New Business Plan

> Sample Team Offsite Agenda for Established Teams

arrow EXPANDING YOUR TEAM: Who, What and When?

> How to Determine if You Need to Add a New Team Member

> Time To Take Your Own Advice

> To Team or Not to Team

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Julie Genjac

Julie is a Managing Director of Strategic Markets for Hartford Funds. She works with financial advisors in a practice management capacity, including engaging and educating advisors and their clients about current and emerging opportunities in the financial- services marketplace. She is a registered corporate coach and has spent the last two decades helping hundreds of financial advisor teams create a vision for their practice and serving as their accountability partner in order to execute on that vision.