Investor Conversations

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The Waiting Is the Hardest Part: Preparing for a Rate Hike
Find out how you’ll know when rates will go up and what the impact will be on your investments.


Millennials and Robo-Advisors: A Good Match?
Online-advisory platforms, or “robo-advisors,” are gaining traction particularly among young, tech-savvy investors, who may benefit more than most from traditional advisors.


How Oil Could Soak or Fuel Your Investments
Learn more about how oil’s price decline could impact investor portfolios.


Fear vs. Facts: Can You See Through Market Volatility?
Investing takes discipline, which can easily be challenged when volatility heightens our emotions.


Super Dollar: Revealing the Strong Dollar’s Effects on Your Investments
Six ways the U.S. dollar’s ascent may impact your portfolio.

Taking Stock: Putting Equity Valuations in Perspective

Taking Stock: Putting Equity Valuations in Perspective
Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson believes investors are overly concerned with the downside and are failing to appreciate the impact of solid macro fundamentals.